Autumn has arrived for 2013 and Easter has been and gone, and still no rain!

Over Easter we travelled to the north coast or N.S.W. and became extremely envious of the northern N.S.W. farmers. Everywhere you look, there is feed to the top of the fences, lush and green!  If only there was an easy way to get some of that lush, green feed to the southern farmers!

Bannockburn, which is in the Western Districts of Victoria, is crying out for a good rain.  I cannot remember the last time it did.  Our pastures  are looking  parched and we are having to hand feed our sheep, fortunately, our sheep are coping with the dry,so far, and seem to be holding their condition reasonably well.

On a sadder note, we recently lost our dear old Alpaca “Trent”.  He will be greatly missed, as he was a terrific guardian of the ewes and lambs, and with him around, moving the mob was always easy as the sheep followed him everywhere.  With Trent gone, we might have to invest in a good sheepdog!



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