Welcome from Newlands Coloured Wool

Welcome to our first Newlands Coloured Wool “Blog”.

We have owned the Newlands Coloured Wool business now for about 5 years. We originally purchased the business from a friend, and it consisted of a small flock of mixed breed coloured sheep along with some throw rugs and scarves, and a small list of retailers that believe in our product.

Newlands Coloured Wool started out with Corriedale and Merino cross sheep, but over the past 5 years we have slowly bred out most of the Corriedale, retaining a small flock of mainly Merino sheep which are all coloured. We keep a small nucleus of coloured Merino ewes and try to source (within Victoria, Australia) pure Merino black rams. Currently we have 2 lovely black rams.

We breed firstly for wool quality and softness and then colour. Our aim is to produce a naturally coloured, soft to touch woollen fabric from pure Merino black sheep.

In January 2012, Newlands Coloured Wool became a member of the Australian Made and Australian Grown campaign, and we are now able to proudly display the Australian Made and Australian Grown logo.


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